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Nurse Statistics

The Michigan Nurse Preceptor Academy is a train-the-trainer program for licensed nurses in Michigan. Individuals completing the training serve as trainers of preceptors to newly licensed nurses and nurses transitioning to a new care setting to empower them to become respected healthcare team members. Click the button above to access related documents and information.

link to licensure data website This section focuses on nurse licensure data for all nurses who are licensed to practice in Michigan. Data are presented in easy to use maps, tables and charts to illustrate the distribution of Michigan nurses, both in absolute numbers and relative to the State's population. A search feature displays the number of nurses within a 30 or 50 mile radius of an address. Information regarding the age distribution of nurses across the state is also included. Click the button above to begin exploring nurse licensure data since 2009.

link to online transition to practice training A free, self-paced online training course for newly licensed nurses and nurses transitioning to a new care setting. The training consists of 3 courses: Communication in Healthcare; Safety in Healthcare; and Evidence-Based Practice. Participants successfully completing each course may choose to earn free CEUs. Click the button above to access the training.

link to survey dataNurses in Michigan are required to renew their license every two years. The nursing population is divided into two cohorts, resulting in approximately half of the nurse population renewing their license each year. During the renewal process, nurses are asked to complete a survey. Results provide information about the supply of and demand for nurses in Michigan, and are used to inform state and local decision-making regarding the recruitment, education, and employment of nurses in Michigan. Click the button above to view the survey results.


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