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2016 Survey Data

Nurses scheduled to renew their license in 2016 received an invitation to participate in the annual Survey of Michigan Nurses along with their license renewal notice from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Nurses who chose to participate in the Survey of Michigan Nurses had two options for completing the survey: 1) online through SurveyMonkey as part of their license renewal process or 2) a paper survey returned by mail to the Michigan Public Health Institute (MPHI). To allow sufficient time for completion, nurses were able to respond to the survey from December 2015 through May 2016. A total of 19,405 nurses responded.

The survey consists of questions regarding license type and educational background; employment status, including current practice setting; length of time in practice and plans to continue practicing as a nurse; and demographic information.

Survey Respondents & Response Rates
Online & Mail Survey Response Comparison

Data Analysis
Comparison of Nurse Population to Survey Respondents

Results of the 2016 Survey of Michigan Nurses
All Educational Results
Individual Education Results
Educational Background of Michigan Nurses
Type of Doctoral Degree Held by Michigan Nurses
Current Enrollment in Nursing Educational Programs
Educational Preparation to Earn Specialty Certification

All Employment Results
Individual Employment Results
Demographic Characteristics of Employed Nurses
Place of Employment and Residence by Prosperity Region
Hours Per Week Working as a Nurse
Years Worked as a Nurse
Future Working Plans

Direct Care
All Direct Care Results
Individual Direct Care Results
Future Working Plans of Nurses Providing Direct Care Services
Time Providing Direct Care Services
Main Practice Areas of Nurses Providing Direct Patient Care
Main Role Outside of Direct Patient Care

Practice Setting
All Practice Setting Results
Individual Practice Setting Results
Employment Setting
Plans to Stop Working
Interprofessional Activities
Employment Setting Change