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Comparison Between Nurse Population & Survey Respondents
June 2020

A total of 40,821 nurses participated in the 2020 Survey of Michigan Nurses, which is significantly higher than the 17,714 nurses who completed the 2019 survey. The higher response rate for the 2020 survey is most likely attributable to the survey having been mailed to the entire licensed nursing workforce rather than just the half of the workforce seeking re-licensure in 2020. However, it may also be attributed to the link to the survey having been emailed directly to licensed nurses with reminders to complete; the significant amount of early, communication to licensed nurses about the change in process that occurred in 2019; and the fact that it was the second year that the link was no longer imbedded in the licensure renewal process.

Results from this analysis showed some differences in the distribution of nurses who completed the survey compared to the overall nurse population. A set of weighting variables was created to increase the degree to which the survey results are representative of the overall nurse population.

table depicting comparison between Michigan nurse population and 2020 survey respondents

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