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Comparison Between Nurse Population & Survey Respondents
June 2018

A total of 4,137 nurses participated in the 2018 Survey of Michigan Nurses, which is significantly lower than the 38,926 nurses who completed the 2017 survey. The lower response rate for the 2018 may be attributed to the new renewal process where there is only an electronic notification of the required renewal, and it can only be completed online. The response rate for the 3,695 RNs who responded to the survey was 4.9% (compared to 45.3% in 2017), while the response rate for the 442 responding LPNs was 3.6% (compared to 44.9% in 2017).

Results from this analysis showed some differences in the distribution of nurses who completed the survey compared to the overall nurse population. For example, 89.3% of nurses who completed the survey were RNs compared to 86.1% of all nurses who are licensed as RNs. Additionally, nurses over the age of 55 were overrepresented among survey respondents while younger nurses were underrepresented, which could skew the survey results toward the perspective of older nurses. To adjust for such differences in the survey sample compared to the overall nurse population, a set of weighting variables was created to increase the degree to which the survey results are representative of the overall nurse population.

table depicting comparison between Michigan nurse population and 2018 survey respondents

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